YES You read right! Season 6 has the green light because ABC have picked up our beloved tv show The Ghost Whisperer.
The internet has become a buzz with this news and fans are in meltdown mode but for a great reason.

This is really exciting news and thousands of you Ghost Whisperer fans should give yourselves a huge pat on the back because I believe it was with all your help , your love and your support for Ghost Whisperer that convinced ABC to make the deal official !

Congrats to everyone , I am so so happy about this . This could really be the best fresh beginning for our great tv show . Please join me and comment about your thoughts on this really good news!

Here is to a huge Season 6 at ABC

U P D A T E :

The deal with ABC has fallen through and we are back to Ghost Whisperer being CANCELLED , please see the original post for more information here or head directly to our new domain bought especially to save Ghost Whisperer – at WWW.SAVEGHOSTWHISPERER.COM.
Do not give up, do not think it is a lost cause, there is still time to get involved and save the show!